Several Monk Chants To Help You Find Zen

Modern music is full of lyrics that pull your soul into the world. A month or so ago I decided it would be prudent to cast out all “modern” music with repetitive lyrics of world affairs and use the power of Monk chants and Zen oriented music to increase the efficiency of my workout.

It’s brought so much peace into my life.

No more is my brain inundated with pop culture blasting through my eardrums. So heres a small list of songs I’ve found that works to kindle the flames of concentration, relaxation, and internal strength.

Om Mani Padme Om – You can find this song on YouTube or listen to it on iTunes like me. Works great when focusing on increasing your mobility. Feel free to chant along with the Monks!

Morning Chant – Feel like healing yourself the next morning after a hard day of training? Jump in the shower to this chant and feel the pressure points wash down the drain. Here’s the link to the song.

Evening Chant – Find a place of solace and play this long running chant/song. It’s great for beginners of meditation. The Gong work in this piece is astounding. You can find the song here.

Traditional Temple – A very random course of traditional instruments will empower you to lift the sky. This is a personal favorite when lifting weights. Here’s where it’s at on iTunes.

There you go! Between these four tracks you will have hours of a peaceful workout ahead of you. Mix them up as you wish, utilizing the chants to your own liking.


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